Luis O. Perez



As Owner and President, Luis O. Perez is responsible for the Business Operations for overseen the Design team of P&G Engineering. Mr. Perez has been in the design field since 1993 and has over twenty years of design and project management experience specializing in mechanical engineering.

His design expertise and specialties include the design for sophisticated and complex types of HVAC and exhaust systems and extends to a variety of mechanical systems and in performing energy studies, cost estimating, site investigations, construction administration and commissioning. Past projects have included chiller plants up to 1000 tons refrigeration, boiler plants up to 1250 boiler horsepower, thermal storage systems, energy recovery systems, medical/ laboratory gas piping systems, fume exhaust systems, plumbing systems, hydronic piping systems, refrigeration systems, and steam systems. Fire protection design and hydraulic calculations is also an area of expertise of Mr. Perez.

As Owner, additional duties also include overseen the management of the firm's financial planning accounting systems.



Mechanical Engineering Degree, 1994

P.E., Florida, #62586
P.E., Texas, #112364
P.E., Alabama, #33159
P.E., Georgia, #036033
P.E., Maryland, # 44551
P.E., S. Carolina, #30476
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