Erguin Capote

VP, Senior Mechanical Engineer


Erguin Capote has been the Principal Engineer of P&G Engineering since 2005 and has over twenty five years of design and project management experience specializing in mechanical engineering, plumbing and fire protection design.

He has over thirty-six years of experience in Mechanical design for Retail, Governmental, Commercial, Industrial, and Educational projects. His specialties include heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems, as well as steam and water distribution systems. Mr. Capote has performed mechanical design on multiple types of facilities including office facilities, banking centers, central plants, university buildings, medical, military, and industrial facilities.

He has led numerous projects involving renovation and new construction of, commercial, retail, and governmental facilities. His management responsibilities for the firm include design, supervision of field operations.



Mechanical Engineering Degree, 1989
P.E., Florida, # 62487
Certified Mechanical Contractor, Florida